Mix & Master


“Hi there! My name is Juan Carlos Almao. I'm a mixing & mastering engineer. I'm passionate about creating great sounding audio. It's what I do best! Go ahead and take a look around and check out my site and some samples of my work. Contact me if you have any questions. Talk to you soon! Ever since I can remember, I have always been a huge music fan, not so much of particular musical styles or genres, but of good songs. The music itself has been the driving force in my mixing & mastering career. Being a person that's curious and investigative has provided me an invaluable range of studio experiences including a deep understanding of both analog and digital recording technology and techniques, as well as a broad understanding of studio psychology and how it relates. Times have really changed since I started working in studios years ago. Now we have the capability to collaborate miles and even Continents away from one another from our home computers or smart phones. You can send me files or a Pro-Tools session and I will send you back a professional sounding mix. I use a hybrid approach with classic and new technology to take advantage of both formats.”